Attractions This Year - 2021

Actress: Anamika Chakraborty (23rd January 2021)

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Movies and TV Shows: Ekhane Aakash Neel, Holy Faak , Rajjotok(2014 – 2016), Aschhe Abar Shabor, Phoolmoni(2016 – 2017), Tor Opekkhay, Love Letter etc...

Singer: Aditi Chakrabarty (24th January 2021)

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TV Shows : SaReGaMaPa 2020 (Contestant)

Actress: Rukma Roy (25th January 2021)

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TV shows: Kiranmala, Pratidan, Bagh Bandi Khela, Khorkuto, Swapno Udan etc..

Bangla Band: Cactus (26th January 2021)

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Intro: Cactus is an Indian Bengali rock band from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Since inception they have recorded four full-length studio albums and have performed over 2500 concerts across India & abroad.
Albums: Tuccho, Rajar Raja, Nil Nirjane, Cactus etc..

Actress: Diya Mukherjee (27th January 2021)

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TV shows: Mithai, Seemarekha, Nojor, Netaji, Prathoma Kadambini, Tumi Ele Tai etc...

Music Director, Singer: Shree Pritam (28th January 2021)

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Movies: Khilari, Khoka 420, Idiot, Bikram Singh, Birodhi, Ami Neta Habo, Soshurbari Zindabad 2 (upcoming) etc...

Actress: Debchandrima Singha Roy (29th January 2021)

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TV shows: Sanjher Bati (Lead Role- Charu).

Welcome to Debra Utsav

Welcome to the home of Debra Utsav. In this page you will find the space to share our thoughts, photos and what makes the Debra Utsav, your Utsav!
We can’t wait to share more about the Debra Utsav-2019 with you in the new year, but the meantime find us on Facebook to keep the festival mood going! We are always looking for high quality artist or acts to perform at the Debra Utsav.

Working at the Debra Utsav is hard work but also very rewarding and fun. If you have common sense and an interest in the festival then we would love to hear from you. The best way to be involved is to come along watch, enjoy and even have a go at the events and activities we have going on.

The Debra Utsav is a unique opportunity for you to reach out to thousands of people under Debra PS area. As one of the sponsors of the festival you would have the opportunity to make use of a range of marketing initiatives that will further promote the work you do.


To enliven the visitors' mood, national and international cultural artistes present day long cultural performances
at the open air 'Debra Harimoti School Ground' on 22nd January'19.

Security Arrangements

A large number of security personnel were deployed within the Mela premises to prevent the occurrence of any untoward incident or mishap.

Parking Area

The parking area for vehicles has been increased and separate entry and exits will be provided so as to ensure smooth and unhindered flow of traffic.

Special Plan

Cars and a Battery Operated Rickshaw will be available on request, for facilitating the movement of senior citizens and differently-abled persons.


Environment friendly e-toilets will also be set up within the Mela premises, in addition to the traditional toilets.

Special Ambience

A special ambience is created in the Utsav area. It is divided into many zones . The profusion of elements from Nature, life and music will accentuate the Utsav surrounding.

Renowned Singers

Watch renowned singers, musicians and poets perform daily at Debra Harimoti School Ground from 7.00 pm onwards during the Utsav fortnight.